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Bariatric & Weight Loss Surgery Types

Bariatric surgery – otherwise known as weight loss surgery - refers to a group of procedures that an obese individual can have in order to reduce their food intake and control their hunger. There are three well established primary bariatric surgery procedures offered at the Adelaide Bariatric Centre. These are the laparoscopic "keyhole" gastric bypass, gastric banding and gastric sleeve. Further advancements in weight loss surgery have presented us with two new, non-invasive procedures

Gastric Banding

The gastric band is the least invasive weight loss surgery operation. This procedure involves placing an inflatable silicone band around the top portion of the patient’s stomach, which in turn creates a smaller stomach pouch. By doing this we effectively reduce the amount of food the patient is able to eat.

Gastric Sleeve

The sleeve gastrectomy (gastric sleeve) is an operation which has only relatively recently been added to the field of weight loss surgery. This weight loss surgery procedure involves removing 90% of the patient's stomach resulting in improved portion control and loss of hunger.

Gastric Bypass

Roux-en Y gastric bypass (RNYGB), more commonly known as gastric bypass, is the "gold standard" bariatric surgery operation, and is the most commonly used procedure worldwide. This weight loss surgery procedure involves re-routing the digestive system past the stomach, in order to help suppress the patient’s hunger and control portion sizes.

Endobarrier Therapy

We have extensive experience in the use of endoscopic therapy to manage obesity. Endobarrier therapy is a non-surgical weight loss solution that involves placing a liner inside the patient's small intestine via a small tube, inserted through the mouth (endoscopy). It does not involve any surgical incisions so recovery is very quick. It is best suited for patients looking for a nonsurgical method to improve their type 2 diabetes control.


VBLOC is the latest non-invasive weight loss surgery procedure to be approved by the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration. Delivered by a pacemaker-like device called the Maestro Rechargeable System, VBLOC is designed to control both hunger and fullness by blocking the primary nerve which regulates our digestive system.

Revisional Surgery

With all weight loss procedures a small percentage will experience failure with less than ideal weight loss. At Adelaide Bariatric Centre we have developed experience converting both gastric bands and gastric sleeves to gastric bypasses laparoscopically ("keyhole") with very good results.



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