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EndoBarrier Therapy Patient Testimonials


At 57, Ian had been suffering from type 2 diabetes for six years, and struggling with his weight for over 20.  Dietary adjustments and increased exercise weren’t making a difference, and Ian was overweight, exhausted and ready for a change.

After encouragement from his doctor, Ian gave Endobarrier therapy a try, and he’s never looked back. Over the year, he lost around 25 kg, 9 inches of his waist, and- perhaps best of all -his diabetes is now in remission. Ian was pleasantly surprised to find that, post-EndoBarrier therapy, both his energy levels and his quality of life have increased significantly.

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With a family history of the disease, it was no surprise to George when he developed type 2 diabetes. However, after over five years of living with the disease, it began to worsen and he found himself requiring insulin on a daily basis.

EndoBarrier therapy’s non-surgical nature was a big drawcard to George, as was the procedure’s lack of extended recovery time.  He’s now 3 months into the treatment, has lost 14kg and continues to drop weight steadily. His diabetes has also improved- after the first day of treatment, he no longer required insulin injections.

George couldn’t be happier with the decision, claiming “my outlook on life has improved so much...I now have my life back.”

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