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Happy New Year for a Happy New You

News | Adelaide Bariatric Centre

20 Jan 2014 11:30 AM

Christmas Fruit Dish

Firstly, may we say welcome to 2014! Now, if you cast your minds back to our last blog before Christmas, you may recall our pearls of wisdom about healthy eating over the Christmas and New Year break, and having fun and enjoying the festive season without overdoing it.

Don’t worry too much if you don’t. After all the great work you’ve done to get to this point you can be forgiven if you didn’t quite always follow our dietitian Nick Wray by staying disciplined and focused on proteins and salads during those Christmas celebrations.

So, now that you’re getting back into the dieting swing of things, here are some simple tips, encouragement and even a touch of pampering for a post-Christmas cleansing, body and soul.

Your Skin Boost

Gentle, dry body brushing is a delightful way to help to boost circulation and improve the appearance of overindulged skin. It provides a soft boost for your recovering face and body. Invest in a body brush and brush your skin daily, towards the heart, from your feet upwards, for glowing skin.

Your Body Cleanse
Cleansing the body with a cup or glass of warm pre-boiled, or cold bottled water, with the juice of a fresh lemon is a fantastic detoxifier. While alcohol is a no-no, if you really need some caffeine try swapping your usual cuppa for the antioxidants of green tea.

Your Reactivation
Exercise will feel like it’s doing you good in no time, and as little as ten minutes of yoga in the morning and evening will help keep you focused, relaxed and better able to deal with cravings.

Your Reward
And after the work, comes your reward. An aromatherapy bath of patchouli, lemon, juniper, grapefruit or geranium oils are all ideal for your post-Chrissy cleanse. Add 6-8 drops to your bath water then sit back and relax. If you need, patch test any oils that you have not previously used 48 hours before to check for any sensitivity.

And there you are. A refreshed and refocused new you, ready to take on the new year.

Image via Margaret Oomen