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Life Coaching Programme

You will meet our life coach who will help you to develop strategies to remain focused and motivated throughout your journey. The life coaching programme includes 6 group sessions held on the 1st Monday bi-monthly. These sessions are posted on the website as well as displayed in rooms at reception.

For those who prefer a more “one on one” approach, individual sessions can be booked with the lifestyle coach, however additional fees will apply.

All sessions are educational based and tailored towards your later postoperative phase.

The purpose of these sessions is to help you:

  • Develop strategies to help you remain focused and motivated
  • Identify the patterns in your eating behavior that are contributing to your weight problem
  • Set goals for yourself in weight loss, fitness and other areas of your life
  • Help you to change your attitudes and ways of thinking about food
  • Identify and overcome obstacles to losing weight and maintaining the loss
  • Learn to identify and expect success instead of failure in your life – and especially in relation to weight management
  • Learn to take responsibility for both successes and failures
  • Identify what works for you, and do more of those things


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