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Living With A Gastric Band: In It For The Long Run

News | Adelaide Bariatric Centre

5 Feb 2014 2:39 PM

Matt McIntyre

Matt McIntyre is a bit of a hero with the team at Adelaide Bariatric Centre. Not only is he succeeding in staying at his goal weight, but he is taking his enjoyment of his new lease on life to whole new levels.

Since we talked with him in August last year, Matt has gone on to complete one of the world’s most demanding endurance events, the WA Iron Man. Along with 1,600 competitors, the race breakdown was a 3km swim, 180km bike ride and a 42.2km, marathon-length run.

Matt’s times of 1.07 hours for the swim, 5.33 hours for the bike ride and 5.15 hours for the run leg were remarkable, considering that this was his first Iron Man competition.

“My big plan is to run five Iron Man races before I turn 40,” Matt said. “so, I now have 4 more to go in two years.”

Matt achieved particular acknowledgement in the WA triathlon, being the highest fundraiser in the competition, raising close to $22,000 for cancer research.

After taking four weeks off to recuperate from the WA Iron Man, and a well earned Christmas reward, Matt is already back in training for the Cairns Iron Man on June 8th.

With 12 hour races and similar training sessions, the big question for Matt was, during such arduous physical activity, did the gastric band get uncomfortable?

“I have to say, there was hardly any discomfort at all. In fact, the only point I even felt the band was when I was bent over, riding the bike.” Matt added. “The whole experience with Dr Kow, the impact this has had on my weight, my life and my family. It’s been awesome.”

Interested people are invited to follow Matt’s training and racing data using the Strava running and cycling app as well as through his Facebook page. Ultimately, if Matt can inspire one more overweight person to simply start a 10-15 minute walking routine, he’d be happy.

“We just need the will to commit to a routine,” Matt concluded, “and the physical strength will grow from there.”

To find out more about Matt, as well as how Gastric band surgery can help you reach your life goals, talk to the team at Adelaide Bariatric Centre.