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Obesity Treatments

The Adelaide Bariatric Centre programme incorporates surgeons, dietitians, practitioners, psychologists, exercise physiologists as well as specialised nurses. It has been designed to take into account the multidisciplinary need for addressing the problem of obesity.

Surgery for morbid obesity (bariatric surgery) has been performed in Australia since the early 1970’s.  The results of the various surgical procedures have been evaluated and there has been a clear indication that the surgical intervention produces significant and desirable results long-term.

Gastric bypass has been considered the “gold standard “when it comes to long-term results. In the 1990’s the Adjustable Gastric Band was introduced to Australia as a less invasive treatment compared to gastric bypass. In the last decade sleeve gastrectomy has become increasingly popular as an effective bariatric operation.

In the meantime the search for less invasive and more physiologic operations continues and the Maestro Vagal Blocking system has been approved by the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration.

In addition a number of endoscopic devices are in development and are also approved for clinical use. This includes the “endosleeve” and intragastric balloon. 

Irrespective of the procedure used to achieve weight loss, a standard method of reporting progress is to note the % excess weight loss (% EWL).  The excess weight is defined as the weight above that which corresponds to a BMI 25 (ie: normal weight). % EWL is the % of that total excess weight which has been lost eg: once the weight has reduced to that corresponding to a BMI of 25 then 100% EWL has been achieved. 

Whatever device or technique is used to achieve weight reduction the data from around the world is clear about one thing and that is the importance for all patients undergoing surgery for obesity that they enter a prospective follow up programme which aims to control their dietary habits and enhances their physical activity as well as providing psychological support and motivation.  Our multidisciplinary program is designed to deliver these objectives.


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