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Top Ten Tips AFTER Gastric Sleeve Surgery

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12 Feb 2014 4:09 PM


  1. Follow your diet stages. Eating solid foods or high fat and sugar food too soon could risk damaging your stomach and yourself. Side effects include as nausea, vomiting and stomach cramps.

  2. Back to work when you’re ready. It usually takes about 2 weeks after gastric sleeve surgery before a person can go back to work. Even then, it should be light duties only. Yes, walking is good exercise, but no heavy lifting.

  3. Never miss check-ups. Seeing your physician well into your recovery is vital, to ensure you’re healing correctly… and on still track with your diet, exercise and weight loss goals.

  4. Exercise when you can. Easy does it, but strengthen your muscles and start walking as soon as you comfortably can. Your body needs the strength to work with less calories.

  5. Continue to educate yourself. Find new recipes so food doesn’t become boring after surgery. Your tastes will change, so try new things. Even food you disliked. You need to learn to listen to your new body.

  6. Know when you need help. Initially, it may be difficult to move and do things. So, get lots of rest and have your support team ready to help.

  7. Follow your prescription. Don’t wean yourself off medication, and let your doctor know about any discomfort. Also, diabetes or high blood pressure can be cured by this surgery, so following your doctor’s prescription is vital.

  8. Take multivitamins regularly. Getting the correct nutrition from food alone is tough so get your routine going. Multivitamins ensure you’re getting the right nutrients; your doctor knows what you need. It’s a lifelong habit you now need, so start early.

  9. Track your calories. 600-800 calories a day will ensure you lose weight, so avoid foods high in calories, sugar or fat. Again, your doctor knows you and your body and your specific target.

  10. Don't drink your calories. Only drink low-calorie drinks like water, sugar-free juices and unsweetened ice tea. Fizzy drinks can stretch your new pouch because of the gasses -- and never drink alcohol after surgery.

These tips are for anyone preparing for, or recovering from, gastric sleeve surgery. They are a guide to help and not meant to supersede any advice your doctor gives you.

Image credit to Ralph and Jenny