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Adam's Testimonial *

Since my early teens I was overweight. This made it particularly difficult throughout my schooling as I received constant teasing and bullying. Even when I left school the teasing and smart comments continued. I was unfit and felt that it was almost too much to go out in public as I was so embarrassed. It was difficult finding clothes to fit and to look good in them and I even struggled to wear a seat belt.

I tried many diets including different milkshakes to lose weight but with little or no success. I decided to look into the possibility of gastric banding and had a referral to see Professor Toouli. After my first consultation I was told that I needed to lose 20kg before I could have the gastric banding surgery done. I was really disappointed as this seemed at the time an impossible goal to set me. My starting weight was 187 kg and my BMI was 54. However, I attempted to lose the weight by eating better and keeping myself motivated to do some exercise. I was successful in losing the 20kg and therefore able to have the operation.

After the operation I received a lot of support and help from the dietitian, doctor and nursing staff to help me go home and look after myself and know what foods to eat. Since having the operation I have been going for walks and have had a personal trainer to help keep me motivated and to stay on track. I have also joined a gym and have learned to make good choices with the food I eat.

Today, I feel so much better but still have a way to go but I weigh 124kg and have a BMI of 36. I now feel healthier and am starting to feel better about myself. It is a great feeling when I see someone I haven’t seen for a while and their surprise and comments about how great I look. They always encourage me to keep going. Going shopping for clothes is more enjoyable now especially when I began to drop in sizes. I was always looking for the biggest now I’m looking for 2 or 3 sizes down from that which gives me such a buzz.

I would really like to thank Professor Toouli and all staff for their help, support and continual encouragement in helping me achieve what I have so far. I am much happier, more confident and hope the confidence builds and continues. For anyone who is overweight and has struggled to be successful in losing the weight I would highly recommend getting the gastric banding done as it has changed my life.

Adam - Before Lap Band Surgery PatientAdam - After Lap Band Surgery Patient


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