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Vicky’s Testimonial *

I have been struggling with my weight for many years now due to an accident which left me needing a full knee replacement and unable to exercise. As a result of not being as active, I just became bigger and bigger. I needed to lose weight for my health and self esteem, as the bigger I became the more depressed I became and the more I ate.

I tried every diet out on the market but none of them worked. I tried diet pills, I tried everything.

I ended up going to see Professor Toouli to see if gastric banding surgery could help me lose my weight. He went through explaining what gastric banding was and what I would need to do. I explained that I was unable to exercise and he was still confident this would work. I was excited for the first time in years! My weight had ballooned to 96kg from being 68kg.

I just made sure I followed Professor Toouli’s instructions leading up to my surgery and following surgery. I had the operation and expected to be in pain for days but that was not the case. I was up and about the next day.

I couldn't believe the results after the surgery! I went to see him every couple of weeks to begin with to have saline put in my band. It was amazing every time I went I had lost weight, it was falling off before my eyes. I had tried everything and given up but this was working and within 5-6 months I had dropped to 70kg. I am still 70kg and am so happy and no longer depressed. I can even do a little exercise now.

This was the best thing I have ever done in my life and I can only say if you are having trouble like I did go and see one of the surgeons at Adelaide Bariatric Centre about surgery. It has changed my life and I guarantee it will change yours too and you can be active and happy again.

Vicky - Before Bariatric Surgery PatientVicky - After Bariatric Surgery Patient


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