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Testimonials - Bariatric Success Stories | Adelaide Bariatric Centre

  • Adam's Testimonial *

    Since my early teens I was overweight. This made it particularly difficult throughout my schooling as I received constant teasing and bullying. Even when I left school the teasing and smart comments … Read More >>

  • Renee's Testimonial *

    I had been struggling with my weight since I was about 18. I spent the last ten years trying every diet and weight loss method there was - low calorie, high protein, milkshakes, insane exercise. … Read More >>

  • Vicky’s Testimonial *

    I have been struggling with my weight for many years now due to an accident which left me needing a full knee replacement and unable to exercise. As a result of not being as active, I just became … Read More >>

  • Dorinda's Testimonial*

    I will forever regard my decision to have a stomach banding operation as one of the most brilliant moves I’ve ever made in my life! I know there are people who regard stomach banding as a & … Read More >>